America's new mercenaries

Tuesday: 16/1/2018
By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

President Trump's administration hadn't enough time to find what was possible, which had been betting for decades on the existence of Da'esh, so that it would have a margin of time to arrange its papers with the papers of the region to be in the size of its ambitions and in accordance with the Israeli interests that were and will continue to be the last compass that deals with the events of the region, as well as dealing with the management of the devastation and destruction resulting in the context of depletion of the resources of their people on one hand, and to maintain the pressure to complete their destructive projects on the other hand.
Back to its bet and relying on an army of mercenaries, where it had already an experience through which it found that it is ultimately closer to "fantasy" in the words of its former President Obama. There are pressing questions that may explain part of America's dilemma when it awoke to the fact that Da'esh and its genie with the accompanied tumefactions, are nothing more than corpses and remnants of mercenaries lost in the desert, looking for outlets to return to the American hug that came out of it, to be the solid mass of this army on which it bets, and reproducing the experiences of existing mercenaries that tickle the mind of American cowboy.
Therefore, the American administration has not only blocked the political path, through feverish attempts to close all the routes it has reached, but deliberately revealed its absurd face in talking about an army of mercenaries that had already tried it, and fought more than once the attempt, but without success, especially that the proposal is a flagrant aggression against Syrian sovereignty and is a state of enmity with the regional neighborhood, which finds in the move an unacceptable provocation and creates dangers that do not allow the region to bear its consequences.
It is clear from the context of the American experimentation that Trump's administration does not lack the knowledge, nor understanding, that experience as an idea involves the seeds of its death, and that it already holds the genes of its failure. No power, however, can overcome the existing obstacles, which has nurtured the swelling of some, and tickled separatist extensions of others, and face the risk of biological control from within, as much as facing the risk of rejection from outside.
It is obvious that America is not willing to deal seriously with the idea, proved by the modest number it has hastily embarked, and works to train them as a nucleus for its "huge" army project of mercenaries in a clear indication that it is a cheap paper of blackmail, through which it applies pressure to invest in the stock market, where there is one of the direct objections to Sochi, and Astana before it, which is facing a real danger resulting from evasion of "Erdogan" and the cheap attempt to trade his burned cards, and playing on the ropes of contradictions that drain more time.
Under these interpretive and double interpretations headlines as they take up a wide range of debate, they are outside any discussion for two basic considerations. The first concerns the American explicit and direct declaration of opposition to Sochi, and that it will do its best to create alternatives to confuse it. The second is linked to the " army" of mercenaries which it prepares to be at minimum a way to occupy the region and keep it under political pressure, and to prevent the recovery from the tails of the terrorist organizations.
In total, Trump's administration does not disguise its identification with the terrorist situation as a part of the bet on the existing combination in the region to be an incubator of the Israeli-American scenario that is preparing the drums of alternative war, especially with the rising voices in Israel that recognize the defeat of the terrorist project. So, ready alternatives to be implemented should be there especially with Israel's high concerns, including deliberated exaggeration as an advance pretexts for its next aggression, and the joint promotion of America's wars and new fronts.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf