Every summit filters what it contains .. !!

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

The Arabs spent long hours, days and years arguing in their political space, which was adopted in the others' reading, at a time when they did not offer what would help them stay on the political formation map of the forces and failed to achieve the eternal equation that guarantees the minimum of the presence.
The Arab Summit hosted by Tunisia today, almost forgets Arabs with their issues and the core of their existence, besides the challenges for which they have written thousands of long praised poems that are silent today even for expression. Their presence is almost equal to their absence such as in the past. Their role was forgotten in the corridors and the halls.
We do not want to enumerate the Arab concerns, which their summit has forgotten their own agenda and names, and turned into argument about nothingness, spreading the political absurdity along the road, in a scene that is repeated with and without the summit. The difference between pre-decisions matches the following ones. It is only the counter of the summits adds a new figure to their deficit.
According to Trump, Jerusalem has become the capital of the Zionist entity. According to his Foreign Secretary, the Palestinian occupied territories has become the territories controlled by Israel. The feature of the occupation has absent. The Arab papers left with their full signatures and fingerprints that document the occupation, and add to the Americans what they could not achieve.
The Golan does not wait for Arabs to liberate it, nor for an announcement to condemn the actions of Trump, or for the scene to repeat the words that do not help. The Golan doesn't need the papers which have always formed weak points through which the Israeli has passed, documented by the American, as it documented the breathes of the Arabians in Tunisia, for the summit to be according to its needs and its requirements.
We hoped that Tunisia and its voices of Arabism could create the real difference between the Arabs and their summits, and to be the unforgotten present in a field that is almost empty since the moment that the voices of Arabism left its platforms.
Between hope and trust, the bitter facts pass before the eyes of Arabs, and all that is available, to reconsider the terms of condemnation and denunciation, to match with Trump's hearings, and to be less disturbing to Netanyahu's ones, whom will be happy by the summit results, as it emulates what he aspires to, including every word and line or phrase in the statement.
The dilemma was that the Arabs forgot themselves, so the summit was similar to them, and its decisions were a copy of their recitation, so it has become colorless and tasteless in addition to the forgotten pages, to be as they were, when they forgot themselves and their history, to become in a state of nihilism.
The catastrophe is that the Arab League embarrasses to speak before the defenders and colonists while Arabs in their forgotten summit, forget their tongues, or almost, and only speak what others say. They stipulate the same conditions of the Americans and Israelis, and as they fancy, but buy and accumulate, for their summit to be a copy of them, and match their details, since every summit filters what its contains.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf