Game changed .. & the initiator is the aggressor

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
The rules of the regional game are no longer serve to mimic what is going on, while the current rules of engagement seem to be incapable to keep up with the steps of the American arrogance, at a time when the Israeli elections, which re-float Netanyahu by the West and East dealings, appeared to be a prelude to pre-emptive equations, requiring coup qualitative additions in the next approaches.
The Israeli hints about the annexation of Israeli settlements were not electoral propaganda, but an inauguration by which Netanyahu start his next government decisions. The is evidenced by the absence of two-state solution from the speech of the US Secretary of State, coincided with an American warm and deliberate welcome to Netanyahu's victory from which there is a smell of desire to implement what was agreed to complete the steps of Judaization of the Palestinian cause crowning the deal of the century, which is intended to be a ceremonial, where the current administration ends all outstanding issues for the benefit of Israel, and takes the decision before entering the stage of the US election race.
What is dangerous in the US approach is that it does not listen to all international warnings and does not care about the serious threats posed by its decisions to peace and security. Also, it is only looking from the perspective of the Israeli goals and ambitions. It does not get enough with merely exaggerate in its aggressive behavior towards the rights of others, but also boasts in expressing its belittling of the international law and international legitimacy, up to ignoring the reaction to all that it exercises.
This, largely, dictates the consideration of the issue from a more visible point of view of the scene in the region, as the issue does not depend on the reaction, and will not be limited in any way to that, but there are explicit options to reply messages from the unusual, which requires a real stop at the possibilities that lead to this direction.
Despite the impossibility of digesting everything that has happened so far, the separating line between Israel's actions and those promoted by America is almost non-existent, but American incitement is often preceded the Israeli steps. This indicates that the American use of Israeli desires is not merely an approval or acceptance, as it is a new form of recklessness that is not governed by limits. This will not only Judaize the Palestinian cause, but extends to the entire region, to be according to the Israeli's view and the requirements of aggression.
This is what is read in the opposite scene in depth, where the American arrogance, which is a response to the defeats of its project and the failure to pass its schemes through domination and hegemony, imposing a new pattern of dealing, at least by a change in the way of reacting, up to reach beyond the rules of open engagement and the conditions of the game, and beyond the expectation of the American thought and the Israeli intelligence, which is engaged today in their differences on marketing the scenes of normalization.
Those are targeted and who reject the American resolutions, will not be satisfied with the words of rejection. Those who expressed their disapproval and condemnation, their response will not only get enough with the what has passed. Those who monitor the details of the scene, will not remain motionless. Naturally, this is beyond all that mentioned, because the American recklessness and Israeli obscenity exceeded everything that was applicable. Rules of engagement are drawn in the horizon of the region, as the game has changed with its standards. So, the tools of confrontation and the space have expanded and multiplied .. and «the initiator is the aggressor».
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf