The battle has not over yet

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

The Syrians celebrate the anniversary of the Evacuation Day, while their eyes are on what is left of the land, which is still suffering from the filth of terrorism or the pressure of occupation. They believe that the evacuation achieved by the great sacrifices represent the same way they have adopted, despite the seemingly daunting challenges with new forms and organized terrorism. The Syrians are sure about that way and its certain ends. They have no obsessions or illusions that their battle is still witnessing difficult chapters, in which there are changing fronts, sites and tools, particularly in this situation, which leaves the horizons open to great possibilities.
The battle by its multi-faces clearly indicates the horrors of the aggression system, which has accumulated from methods and ways. So, what it has been unable to do with terrorism, is trying to compensate by targeting the Syrians in their daily lives and basic needs using unjust sanctions, which provided no means or method to achieve what it fails to do by direct targeting.
Nowadays, the Syrians don't forget years ago with their details refreshing memory of the dialectical relationship between yesterday and today, especially in this period, which is witnessing double willies from several sides besides increased level of targeting with political and economic pressure added to what will follow from coming extras that will not stop at the limits of what we have seen so far.
The Syrians have enough accumulations, either by experience or by expertise of open confrontation for years ago, that every time we thwart a project, it is always followed by a preparation of another one. Every time we thwart an attempt, it is always followed by another one. Every time we pass a round, it is followed by another one. The confrontation goes on by different forms and methods depending on the historical situation and according to the available calculations and equations.
Syrians also have the certainty, conviction and belief of victory as they achieved the evacuation in a battle that lacked balancing factors and tools of confrontation, while suffering imbalance, ending by the victory of the Syrian will, which was filled with sacrifices to achieve evacuation.
Today, they defeat terrorism in the fiercest battle, which was prepared by the system of aggression, and mobilized by west and east, north and south from within and outside the region, both from close and distant sides, and from those who belongs to different alignments, since they are prepared for decisive end in the new battle, and ready for confrontation, particularly while the factor of the will is still the best weapon, and it will remain the title upon which the Syrians meet.
The battle of the evacuation has not ended yet. The chapters of liberation of the land have not been finalized. The defeat of terrorism has not been fully and effectively achieved on the whole of the Syrian land. Today, we celebrate a resurrection of that will, which has achieved evacuation, and a renewal of the covenant in going on the battle by its open and closed fronts, direct and indirect, military and economic, psychological and social with the technical media .. until the largest evacuation is achieved.
Those who defeated colonists, invaders, aggressors, occupiers, murderers, terrorists, footmen and mercenaries, won't fail to defeat the rest of them whether new or old ones despite the horrors of the siege, fighting the Syrians in their living requirements. Syrians are mobilizing, each in his position through his role and responsibilities, by their different ranking, age or social class, to withstand and sacrifice until defeating this challenge and thwarting this siege, the same as happened with failing aggression, and defeating colonization, by its new and old feature, whether hybridized or mixed one.

Wednesday: 17/4/2019

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf