Waiting for the last ring .. !!

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

The talk about the chemical fabrications come to the fore as voices grow to unveil the main part of the existing structure, specifically the terrorist White Helmets, where media reports with the experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) meet at a key point: acknowledging the fabrications included in the organization's reports and the prepared witnesses in advance.
What is remarkable is the insistence on reconstructing the scenes according to the previous method, with additions and improvements that revealed the hidden side of them, highlighting the untold in the white helmets plot, and the roles that the system of aggression alternates to perform according to what is planned, besides the upward trend in timing while heating the climates so that they came according to what is wanted to be implemented, and according to the space that is required to be recycled concerning views and fabrications.
The White Helmets, whom role has been revealed, still occupy the bulk of what is produced by the chemical fabrications, supported by French and Belgian expertise, combined with the American and British support besides the Turkish embrace, which remains the most capable to influence and control the tracks of their work, whether in bringing the Western experts or the financial and logistical support. The unrest state of the media of the naiveté of performance and fabrication of the preparation of Hollywood plays, hasn't affected the insistence to take them as evidences to justify the continuation aggression.
We do not want to refute all the narratives of fabrications and lies offered by the Western system. We have no intention of discussing this in terms of logic and reason, which seems to be out of the Western mentality and lacks the most realistic justification, but this does not prevent us from looking at the issue in terms of repetition and its typical stereotype, both in timing, form or content, which involve structural defects resulting from a defect in the Western narrative and its components.
It has become known to everyone that the warning of the chemical pretext is only activated when the Syrian Arab army begins to achieve victories and when it is about to defeat the terrorist organizations in a certain region. This is always repeated with the realization that this will not affect the outcome, since the Syrian Arab Army doesn't need to use something that it does not have. The Syrian Arab Army does not need to own it and it has never used it. All lies and fabrications cannot offer a convincing story even to those who market it.
The problem is that the lie that is not even believed by those who fabricate it, and want others to accept it, and to consider it as a pretext for aggression. By accumulating experience, we have found that waving or promoting this lie is an indication for a future defeat awaiting terrorist organizations and their sponsors and defenders with their tools. This is have been proven over and over again .
The difference is that using these falsehoods and lies raise dust that increases the blindness of their vision. The difference is that no matter how they improve the output of their lies, using the expertise of their operators, they will not achieve what they were unable to do using terrorism. Most importantly it is a strong presumption for their political, field and media bankruptcy, evidenced by that many of their tools and their media arms began the journey to unveil the secrets of their lies, and this is enough to judge the final outcome. Thus, we can prepare for an additional season in which the terrorism is defeated from one spot to another, and another arm is broken to dissipate the last ring, waiting for the defeat of the terrorist project with its sponsors and tools, at least, in its present form.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf