Between Floating & Decline

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
As soon as the news of the positive atmosphere leaked out of the meetings of the UN envoy in his last round, the Turkish regime began to instruct its terrorists to escalate the field scene in an attempt to shuffle the cards and open up new debates that would reassure the Turks to encircle the scene with these terrorists, besides the required additional time to re-arrange things from the scratch, looking for a lifeline to rearrange the accelerated decline of the Turkish era.
This is confirmed by the field data coming from the media and political nozzles of the Turkish regime, where it left to its mercenaries the instructions to disclose their capabilities, insisting to talk about hypotheses outside the context of the political talk, which clearly indicates that the Turkish regime and its political era have reached the bottleneck under the erosion of the local and foreign balance.
The game of procrastination is over, while the political and field obstruction attempts will no longer work. So, there were resorting to the mobilization of terrorist organizations, providing direct support through the Turkish territory, in which the forces of the Turkish regime took part in an unprecedented way. The aim was to change the course of the land-based positions, which could be used to change the political approaches, at minimum, and to modify the existing discussions, since the re-establishment of the Turkish regime in the form and modification of the behavior of terrorist organizations is no longer valid.
The irony is that the Turkish regime, preoccupied with the existing international common points in the light of the conflicts happened in the balances of relations with the Americans, paints a horizon in which it attempts to extort the Russian side and to attempt to bargain over the transitive relations in other sides where depending on the time difference here is to adjust the track of the international start, which will finally be a further market for procrastination to take some time, or to delay the political process, which prepares to move according to calculations and equations in which the Turkish loses more cards, and perhaps all at the due date.
The premise here doesn't depend on the conclusion. It doesn't also depend on the facts on the ground, but a context to protect the Turkish regime, trying to stick to the latest available cards, where the start of the political track after a long procrastination. The obstacles that were still prevent that start related to the papers of the terrorist organizations that authorized Turkey to keep a foothold on the political table. This leads to escalation and heating raising the level of terrorism whenever there are serious steps in this direction.
What is applied on the political due, applied on the field and military sides, too. The organic link between the Turkish regime and these organizations did not leave any room for the two parties to differentiate, or any chance to disengage the current engagement. The Turkish reliance on the terrorist organizations is not limited to its role in invoking the cards that it plays. The Turkish regime indicates a rolling in the approaches.
The political loss is an integral part of the defeat in the field. The stumbling of the terrorist project is the natural beginning of the regression of the Erdogan project. It may be the decline of a Turkish era, which its legacy full of blood, brutality and extremism, may require decades of political and moral review. Most importantly is that the competence between floating and decline is still raging colliding –at least- with the insistence on trading the illusion but without balance, even if it is based on the precipitations of the role, mission and the functional state of that era, where the re-float carries the seeds of failure from within the regime as it is from outside it.
Translated by Amal Suleiman MA'rouf