Looking for «Face Water» ..

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem

Between the search for exits out of the crisis resulting from the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with its subsequent escalation, and the preservation of the American face water, there is a distance that cannot reach decisive results in any way without knowing a lot of the attached details and what it means concerning the existing policy of confrontation.
There are limited attempts to open the door in anticipation of what will come next. Can they provide the minimum of what is required to curb the escalation and distance the US from the policy of the edge of the abyss? Especially since he went far and too far in climbing tree, at a time when many did not seem interested in providing the ladder he needed. Also, those who were interested, do not have enough factors or ability to provide it.
The French, who have taken the opportunity of the last minute, assert that their role alone is not enough, and they have absolute conviction that the cards they possess are not useful in relation to the conditions of the crisis and its complications added to the interplay of the bilateral factor in the international one, besides the confusion of regional and international calculations, and the intertwining of the equations between the instigator blowing into the ashes of burning fire, and others warn of the consequences, but having only a warning card of the repercussions, risks and implications.
According to this standard, there are daily doubts and concerns, especially since the French initiative is too late. Some of its aspects appear to be gelatinous and fragile. Other aspects are of double wrong interpretations, while the implementation guarantees seem insufficient to start the first step, which raises concerns about the French limited role, in addition to the absence of a real vision of the real alternatives that could constitute a fulcrum for building.
The experience accumulated, over the past years, a lot of concerns and doubts about the extent of the American commitment to any agreement or treaty, especially that the current administration lost the last of its credibility after repeated experiences, which prove impossibility to trust their promises, and the most serious is to build on this at this short time. Perhaps, it's too late, where maneuver is limited and where there are few available margin and options.
The question is: where were those attempts when there were a lot of time? Or does it have other dimensions and reasons that do not related to trying to solve the dilemma, or the desire not to take things beyond that, as much as it is an attempt to save the US face water before anything else, evidenced by that the confrontation and its prospects which were looming, did not call for action. The Europeans themselves have dealt with the Iranian warnings of time out, of much apathy. The Europeans did not take those warnings seriously.
Most importantly, the Europeans have not used to act on their own, especially when it comes to America and its recklessness, since they are sure that it is futile on the one hand, and they haven't the courage on the other hand. So, everything they adopted here, including the French was in order to provide the ladder for the Americans, in a fight that Europeans have no dog, while keeping silence, dodging and procrastinating over the past few months ... !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.