Turkish Foam & American "Taste"

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kasse
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
The threats of the head of the Turkish regime to wage a unilaterally military aggression, weren't new. He had already been intimidated, and perhaps the circumstances were better at the time, than now, because of the size of the American presence and the tactical and strategic changes in the American approach.
The double game, which Turkey and the United States have long practiced on the basis of shared goals and agendas, has reached the last of its chapters. It has already assumed that the Turkish side should shoulder the material, military, and even political implications. The understandings, which Ankara has long drawl to accomplish with the American, seem to be hard to get for reasons that don't relate to the absence of the American wish but to the ability to bear their burdens, and the difficulty of marketing them among the US tools and mercenaries.
The concerns here are not only because of the possible repercussions and reflections but of the context of the arrangements that the developments will reach, especially that the American, who over the past years, has tried a series of options that all ended up to the same starting point, and mostly led to tactical setbacks and strategic collapses in the American cards relying on the mercenaries who failed to win the bet..!!
The dilemma is not only related to the dreams and pipe dreams that prevent the American deep involvement in betting on what the United States has repeatedly tried. It is fully aware of the limits of the ability and maneuverability of its instruments and options that mercenaries maneuver on. The Turkish regime isn't far away from that. It is trying to win the race to secure a reserve seat on the American side after this regime felt that its seat in the Russian side is no longer guaranteed, and it has a lot of question marks after failing to meet the promised commitments in Sochi and what followed.
It is no secret to the Americans that the Turkish desperate attempt to launch a military action is not innocent and does not come into the Turkish enthusiasm to reconcile its relations with them despite their importance and necessity to the Turkish regime. However, it tries, in an essential part, to be outside the political guillotine specialized only to deal with the unforgivable sins of the Turkish regime, while their political investment is going beyond the limits of sharing goals to reach the threshold of the protection of the regime, pushing to refresh it or to delay its end.
Between the acceptance of the revival of the Turkish regime and the return of the United States to search in the old cards, the intersections seem difficult and bitter, and in some ways, they may accept what couldn't be accepted in the political bargaining. However, the American latest inventory account leads - according to Washington's hotheads - to alignments in the confrontations that it ignites in and out of the region, mostly requiring to reorganize their alliances even if temporarily.
The Turkish fragmented foam seems to be congruent with the American "taste", even if it were hard to digest and take over. It remains a foam that is destined to disappear and vanish, as in the case of swollen illusions and sick dreams of the Americans and political mercenaries. Sometimes, political and field eliminators are needed. The rest remains as a worthless balance in trading delusion. Most importantly, it does not play a reliable role in the political recovery rooms, under the shadow of the American moody "taste". The experiences of the mercenaries, traitors, and tools with it seems like a presumption to be generalized .. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf