Obsession of Unipolarity

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

By its withdrawal from the intermediate-range missiles treaty, the United States inaugurates a new phase of arms race, opening the door widely to the world's fears of a return to Cold War tensions with its rites that have stirred up many of the expected horror scenarios.
It is certain that the American move was not outside the context of the approach adopted by the current administration, since the approach that governs the American discourse almost repeats itself, and uses the same term when withdrawing from treaties to follow by calling for a treaty or a new agreement that improves the American conditions. This is described as wrong approach for considerations concerning the American behavior itself.
In principle, no one annuls an existing treaty and starts searching for an agreement for a new treaty. All that is said under this title, remains a trench in the eyes and an attempt to procrastinate. In the dimensions, there are hidden secrets and objectives that control Trump's practices blatantly, revealing the desire of the coup against many of the previous administrations, especially those relating to define the ceilings of the use of the American surplus power with its multiple risks.
The most dangerous thing is that all of the American steps tend to escalate the international relations on the world stage. These steps are, ultimately, leading to the restructuring of America's relationship with the friends and foes besides allies and adversaries in the world, on the basis of which the US maintains hegemony, and can use the extra power to bring back the situation of Unipolarity to control the balance of power to impose its full hegemony.
The keys to the American role in its new version are based on re-describing the relationship on the basis of limitless arms race, in which the US is betting on adapting the world. The experience of the 1980s continues to tickle his mind, re-relying on the high cost, which is adopted in his way to pay the price politically, or at the very least, to improve the American conditions, and perhaps his dictates through which he wants to re-adapt the world.
The American obsession with dominance is bringing the world back into a crazy race that the world has already come into its bitter experience and paid a heavy price that could have helped it in the face of the dilemmas of poverty, hunger and other chronic problems of today's world. It opens the door widely before changing the world into an arena of intense confrontation, which will have costs beyond human ability to endure.
The American shocking bet is no longer a mere possibility, or a conclusion of the practices that lead to this outcome. It is a reality that controls all aspects of the American decision and centers of influence, up to the monopolies and deep forces within the American system. The world must prepare for a stage in which the arms race with the specter of return of the Cold War is just a normal context of the American practice.
The American obsession with the Unipolarity that has ended, and what the Trump administration has been boast of exaggeration in using excessive power, will not regain a fading unipolarity. The distribution of global powers are no longer the same as three decades ago, when America prevailed unquestionably, while the rising powers took note of the American endeavor, and most importantly they learned from the lessons of the recent past, as realized by the distant preachers with their of hot and cold gradations.. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman M'rouf