Israeli roistering & defeat of terrorism

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Soon as Khan Sheikhoun was declared to be cleared with the surrounding towns of terrorism, the attempts to bypass the event were crowded. The question raised about the next step, which didn't miss from its calculations the reaction of the system of aggression, including the Israeli usual roistering to help terrorists.
What has been achieved in the field is supposed to take weeks, perhaps months, to digest it politically and in the media and field. No roistering or aggression can lessen the glare of what has been achieved, from the gate of everyone's awareness of the scale of the detailed development including the liberation of Khan Sheikhoun, and the size of the terrorist bet, dependence and mobilization of the system of aggression.
In both cases, the scene appears to be in front of a critical change and added value, devoted areas of elaborate explanation of what is to come, considering that the experience and the reasons with the arguments about the process of clearing Khan Sheikhon put an end to a stage while launching a new phase that continues to react depending on the declared principles headed by that any existence of terrorism in any spot will be an objective in the future. The difference here in the timing, which is intertwined in determining a number of factors in which the field factor and the calculations on the ground is the only effective factor, but it is always capable to resolve in the end.
Beyond Khan Sheikhoun, it will be a continuation of what was before in the political sense, despite the enormous difference in terms of field, where work on the same track, and the actual variable represented in the accumulated additions by the achievement besides a thorough understanding of the circumstances surrounding the process and the ramifications resulting from the rebounds and reflections existing in the shadow of a scene that everyday adds qualitative shifts in the inevitability of applying the achievement on the remaining areas.
It is not necessary to answer the frequent questions raised by certain conclusions, but it is necessary to talk about the certainty of the next step, which seemed obvious in the practical side. The announcement of the Syrian Arab Army came so clear in the context of affirming its continuity in the pace of work to uproot terrorism whenever it were and whoever its financers or supporters since the field is open from west Aleppo to the north of Lattakia and its lines with the lines and crossing points between them, leading to Idlib and its maps which are renewed on the rhythm of the completed steps.
Khan Sheikhoun adds to the Syrian achievement an additional momentum, albeit its volume overflows the lines of tactics and strategy together, as a turning point in the course of the fight against terrorism that will not be affected by an uncontrolled roistering, and will not modify the inherent aggression in the system, to build on them later, which is not separated from what was before or will become after, but it is in the heart of what is to come. The difference is not only a field turn, but also a new horizon for politics when the equations fluctuate, and put an end to many fallacies.
Roistering and aggression with their tools – agency or originality- won't change the path of the event or its glow. Idlib and other cities, towns, villages all over the Syrian geography, which have suffered terrorism, will be regained as Khan Sheikhoun has been regained. Terrorism will be defeated, where headlines applied to the details, and texts harmonize with vocabularies and outputs are the same as those inputs established by the Syrian Arab Army.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf