Reading Quietly the Response of the Resistance

By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
The discussion hasn't ended yet. The implications and details attached to the Resistance response, which came tight and perfect, hitting its political and military goal, establishing for its strategic side. It will remain valid for a long time for many approaches, and it may become the basic point in the rules of engagement, which does not resemble what came before. So, it draws new equations to curb the Israeli reckless practices, while the next months ensure its far or slightly farther results.. !!
But this does not prevent the actual need for a quiet reading of the rationales and equations that have emerged, without denying that there are accumulations, adding to the difficulty of reading the impossibility of diligence or interpretation on the impact of the instantaneous and reactive variables over time, which the Resistance response caused in the rules of political and field engagement, leading to the formation of a set of attached considerations, pushing to making sure that a new phase has begun to crystallize about the concept of confrontation with the Israeli entity and the system of aggression as a whole.
In principle, there were unanimity about the response at the Lebanese official level. This was most clearly withdrawn at the popular level, and in the context of the relationship among forces and components in Lebanon. Even at the regional and Arab levels, objections seemed isolated, while some of them appeared condemned and outside any context, including the position of the Arab League, which was reprehensible, as it wasn't ever, even if it kept silent, it would have been better to save the rest of its water face, if there is any .. !!
This applies to the position of some sheikhdoms, which isolated themselves on the one hand, and expose their shameful position and role on the other hand, while others were forced to differentiate and take a position that may be a precedent in difference to the point of contradiction, which may some see as an indication to the beginning of a stage in which division and difference is one of the results of the equations produced by the Resistance response, where it was difficult, and perhaps impossible, to ignore its outcomes and the limits of mastery therein.
On this basis, the significance of what is going on can be understood as a shift in confrontation, and that the response was not devoid of its political and strategic dimensions, which draw an additional direction that does not get only enough with restructuring the rules of engagement, but reorganizing the coordinates of the confrontation on bases and criteria in which the elements of the response overlap, so the area of the fronts widens to include the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. Thus, the imposed equations will not get enough then with deterrence .. !!
The basis and essence of the response remain as added value reflected in the dimensions achieved at the strategic level with a change in the concept of deterrence and its rules and the foundations that are adopted in dealing and which call for more readings and a lot of quietness, and perhaps more explanation to the extent of elaboration.
What has been achieved by the response of the Resistance until the moment, is the head of the iceberg. Beyond that, it takes months, and may be years, but certainly not decades, to appear in the end, albeit it may be just a preliminary bombardment, drawing one practical scenario to the end of the occupation. Therefore, the Israelis must study that carefully and precisely. Also, Arabians have to see and reconsider their calculations, skills, and ignobility. The Arab League must keep silent until further notice, and it would be better if that were forever.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf