Summit of the lowest limit


Tuesday: 17 /9/2019
By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.
Between the final statement of the tripartite summit in Ankara and what has been witnessed in the side and annexed halls of the discussions that took place, there is a difference that cannot be missed by conclusions, since the diplomacy, which tried to mend the Turkish flaws, seemed unable to overcome the paradox that controls the rhythm on the contradictions of the confused relationship with its Russian and Iranian partners.
Despite that it may be early to judge the fate of what has been leaked or announced, there are some who argue that what is announced is only a fraction of what has been discussed, and what was leaked (with or without intention) is only the head of the iceberg around the sharp disparities, which clearly emerged in the approach of the final evaluation of the experience over the past years about the course of Astana.
It is the meeting of necessity and perhaps availability. It may be «the lowest meeting», according to some similarities, seems to be the most accurate in the consensus of the participants and even realizing that what brings them together is far less than what divides them, which make them feel the futility of trying. However, all other options seem to be costly. So, it is not of anyone's interest to go in, especially since many of those who are waiting for the Russian effort, in particular, are waiting for any chance to thwart its endeavor, along with the Turkish by dodging and escaping forward to evade the obligations imposed by this path.
The trade-off here is probably between the bad and the worst, taking into account the size of the gaps included in the Turkish role and its approach, which naturally tends to recognize that the game has reached or is coming to its inevitable end, and there are dues on the ground as in politics, which are inevitable to deal with them seriously. Also, the state of procrastination and evasiveness has reached a dead end, especially since the Turkish other options are no less bad, and suffer from the closure of the horizon while facing the dilemma of the absence of spaces and
The bet remains that the path launched by Astana emulates the maximum possible and available, and perhaps exceeded in its steps and some aspects, the scenes of the reliability that emerged at the time of its launch. So far, it has achieved what is recorded in the interest of the Russian and Iranian patience, besides the hard work directed to prevent faltering by a lot of traps put by Turkey and the United States shared with a lot of tools in the region and beyond.
The summit of the lowest limit is not different from the previous one, but it has an indication of a reality that delineates the accuracy and clarity of the limits and the area of difference in the calendar of dues, where partners don't forgot that the events with the field and political developments on the ground far beyond what was proposed in the past, and made a difference in the approach upon which can be relied to come up with something different from the previous ones.
The Turkish regime was and will remain one of the most serious threats and perhaps the worst threatening this track. This is evidenced by that this summit couldn't, according to preliminary readings, overcome everything obstructs the way of the previous summits and that will go on obstructing every other thing whether bilateral or tripartite ones, whether that were planned or necessitated to be held, since the alternatives on the ground and in politics and from previousexperiences are ready and available, and they may be the long-awaited solution 

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf